Speculative Design Brief Response #5

Response to social design brief

This speculation is a scenario sketch, a playful narrative to imagine social design fifteen years into the future. The intention is to foreground the roles designers might (and do) play in shaping economic relationships, and, therefore, influencing the development of economic systems.

Kakee Scott teaches in Strategic Design and Management and Environmental Studies at Parsons the New School for Design in New York. She is currently based at Parsons’ new Paris campus. She is working on her doctoral studies between design and sociology at Lancaster University in the UK.



About Lucy Kimbell

Director, Innovation Insights Hub, University of the Arts London. AHRC research fellow, Policy Lab, Cabinet Office. Associate fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford. Author of Service Innovation Handbook. @lixindex
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One Response to Speculative Design Brief Response #5

  1. Lucy Kimbell says:

    This response is persuasive in the tidy way it materialises near futures through the fictional exchanges between the characters. The design of this response immediately brings into view the way that people are embedded in social and technological systems that relate to, but also extend beyond, place and are tied to systems of work and economic exchange.

    I also appreciated the way that the response from the second character/voice, Sam, turns the first person’s message into a set of organisational actions to scale up what Jane wants to do.

    This response offers a vision of designers are deeply connected to and infrastructurally-supported by a network of organisations that enable and normalise their participation in designing local solutions to local issues in the year 2029.

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